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Math Humor
Top >> Math Humor

Amusing Mathematics Web Pages

Would you feel better about doing your Math homework if you could laugh at it? Visit this site and you just might be able to!

Collection of Math Jokes

This site contains a collection of jokes about math.

Fun with Math

Math Humor, Jokes and Mathematical Games and Recreations on the Internet.

Math Humor from Platonic Realms

A mathematician, an engineer, and a physicist all agree: Platonic Realms cooks up new jokes, puns, and limericks every day!

Math Jokes

This site contains a collection of jokes about math and mathematicians.

Math on Line

This site has a collection of math jokes and games

Mathematics From the View of the Hawk

This site has math quotes and other anecdotes.

Mathematics Humor

This page gives mathematicsjokes and humor created or collected by Myron Hlynka, Dept. of Math. & Stat., University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario.

Natural Math Workshops

This site provides help with the multiplication tables plus has a collection of jokes. It is in English and Russian.

Profession Jokes - Mathematics

This is a collection of jokes about the math profession

Recreational Math

This site was inspired early on by Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games column, which included a mixture of silliness, curious/useless math, and quite serious (but not overly technical) math. One of the pages contains a bunch of recreational geometry along with some research material.

Roots of Math Humor

These are puns related to square roots.

Science Jokes: Mathematics

This is a collection of jokes, riddles, and puns.

The Math Humor Page

This is a collection of math comics and other math humor.

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