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Kid References
Top >> Kid References

Top 100 Family Sites

A listing of top family oriented sites. Ranked by popularity, go and check it out!


Algebra.Help -- Resource for students/teachers/parents, includes lessons, tutorials, references and various algebra calculators. They have some neat tools!

All Experts Math Q&A

Volunteer experts answer your questions about algebra, geometry, calculus, and advanced math topics for free! A great resource for students looking to learn more and adults trying to brush up!!

All Words

One of our Sister Sites! You can search in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and of course English. Every English word has a pronunciation file, so you can actually hear how it's said.

Exambot Math

This site provides reference sheets, including integral tables, rules of differentiation, and geometric formulae. It includes exams and Quizzes for Differential Calculus and Limits.

Fact Monster Math

This site provdies information on money, measurements, numbers, and tables.

Fun with Math

Math Humor, Jokes and Mathematical Games and Recreations on the Internet.

IFP: Metric Conversion Tables

This site provides tables for conversion from/to metric and imperial and US measurement systems.

Info Please

This almanac contains facts and figures about just about everything. While an almanac is not specific to math, there is a lot of math stuff inside. Go here for conversion information on weight and measures.

M@th en Prep@

For any French speaking visitors: M@th en Prep@ is a French Math page. The math presented in this site are taught in the so called "Classes Preparatoires aux grandes ecoles" (a typical french system) for students who intend to become engineers.

Math Homework Help

This site provides many helpful pointers and guides about algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

Math In Daily Life

Math in daily life. How do numbers affect everyday decisions? Learn why math is important.


Lots of tables, lots of numbers. This site has tables with algebraic, geometric and just plain old arithmetic formulas. For high school and college students, there are calculus resources, including tables of derivatives and integrals, complete with proofs! There is also a math message board.

Merriam-Webster Online

So many of the words of math can be found in this dictionary. If you don't know what something is, go look it up!

Metric Conversion Factors

This site is part of the State of Washington's Dept. of Transportation website. Most of the factors you need are on this page, but sometimes you need to look carefully.

Mudd Math Fun Facts

This site is a 120+, constantly growing, database of fun math facts. Good resource for teachers. Spans Algebra, Calculus/Analysis, Combinatorics, Geometry, Number Theory, Probability, and Topology. Make math fun!

Online metric converter

US customary & metric conversions for unit measurements by SCIENCE MADE SIMPLE, INC.

Schoolwork.org Math Resources

Resources and links geared toward older students, grades 7 and up.

The Math Forum: Ask Dr. Math

This is one of our best resources. Dr. Math has several years of questions and answers archived at their site. This site can help anyone from elementary school through college find the answers they seek.

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